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Music For Listeners 04/11/2009

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Charlie Parr-"Come Along and See"  From the CD 'Roustabout'.
3) The Jesus and Mary Chain-"Beware The Man"  From the forthcoming CD single for "You Don't Love Me".
4) Howling Bells-"Digital Hearts"  From the CD 'Radio Wars'.
5) Super Furry Animals-"Where Do You Wanna Go"  From the forthcoming CD 'Dark Days/Light Years'.
6) Let's Wrestle-"Diana's Hair"  From the brand new Stolen Recordings SXSW 2009 sampler.
7) White Rabbits-"Percussion Gun"  From the forthomcing CD 'It's Frightening'.
8) Nine Black Alps-"Buy Nothing"  From the CD brand new CD single for "Buy Nothing".
9) Doves-"The Greatest Denier"  From the brand new CD 'Kingdom of Rust'.
10) Hatcham Social-"Crocodile"  From the brand new CD 'You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil'.
11) The Horrors-"Do You Remember"  From the forthcoming CD 'Primary Colours'.
12) Superchunk-"Learned to Surf"  From the brand new CD E.P. 'Leaves in the Gutter'.
13) Bombay Bicycle Club-"Always Like This"  From the forthcoming vinyl 7" single for "Always Like This".
14) The Peekers-"Gather It All"  From the forthcoming CD 'Life In The Air'.
15) The Molotovs-"City's Guest"  From the forthcoming CD single for "City's Guest".
16) Still Flyin'-"Dead Memory Man"  From the forthcoming CD 'Never Gonna Touch the Ground'.
17) Crocodiles-"I Wanna Kill"  From the forthcoming CD 'Summer Of Hate'.
18) Oh Minnows-"Might"  Demo sent to us from the band.
19) Golden Silvers-"True Romance (True No.9 Blues)"  From the forthcoming CD 'True Romance'.
20) Tenement Halls-"Plenty Is Never Enough"  From the CD 'Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells'.
21) Love Boat-"Love Boat Song"  From the vinyl 7" E.P. 'Love Boat'.
22) Wooden Shjips-"Motorbike"  From the forthcoming CD 'Dos'.
23) My Sad Captains-"Good To Go"  From the brand new Stolen Recordings SXSW 2009 sampler.
24) God Help The Girl (Stuart Murdoch featuring Catherine Ireton)-"Funny Little Frog"  From the forthcoming CD 'God Help The Girl'.
25) Sleepy Sun-"New Age"  From the CD 'Embrace'.
26) Camera Obscura-"Forest and Sands"  From the brand new CD 'My Maudlin Career'.
27) Cherbourg-"Never Love Again"  From the E.P. 'Last Chapter Of Dreaming'.
28) Bill Callahan-"Too Many Birds"  From the forthcoming CD 'Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle'.
29) Laura Cantrell-"Cowboy On The Moon"  From the brand new compilation CD 'Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records - The Covers'.
30) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            Bon Iver-'For Emma, Forever Ago'.
During the past two summers, I have spent some time in Northern Wisconsin. It's a beautiful place dotted with tall trees, various lakes, and an abundance of wildlife. I remember telling my family that the winter's must be insanely long up here. They agreed and even took pictures the following year to show me the trees and the cabins in the deep deep snow. The winter prior, in late 2007, Orly found a track from what was the self-released version of this album and I was immediately a fan. We played several tracks from the album when it was newly re-released, and little did I know that during the summertime I would be listening to the album in Northern Wisconsin, in the vinicity of where this album was recorded. I certainly love albums that take the listener to a place, and somehow without even knowing it, I could hear and feel the coldness that lingered outside while listening to this record. I found out right before I left for the North in 2008 that the name was a take on the French term "bon hiver", which means "good winter". I guess it was a great winter for Minnesota native Justin Vernon and his little recording cabin in the woods of cheese country. Knowing that I was in the area of this great recording even during the summertime, made this album one of my favorites of 2008 and certainly for me, the most listened to album in the summer of 2008.  "With all your lies, you're still very lovable."

31) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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