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Music For Listeners 05/30/2009

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Megan Hamilton-"From Here to Vancouver"  From the CD 'See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard'.
3) Lacrosse-"I See A Brightness"  From the brand new CD 'Bandages For The Heart'.
4) The Answering Machine-"Another City, Another Sorry"  From the CD 'Another City, Another Sorry'.
5) We Were Promised Jetpacks-"Roll Up Your Sleeves"  From the forthcoming CD single for "Roll Up Your Sleeves". 6) Let's Wrestle-"Song for Old People"  From the CD 'Let's Wrestle'.
7) Dananananaykroyd-"Watch This!"  From the brand new CD 'Hey Everyone'.
8) Jamie T-"Sticks And Stones"  From the brand new CD single "Sticks & Stones".
9) Maximo Park-"Calm"  From the CD 'Quicken the Heart'.
10) The Maccabees-"Young Lions"  From the CD 'Wall Of Arms'.
11) The Horrors-"I Can't Control Myself"  From the CD 'Primary Colours'.
12) Manic Street Preachers-"Journal For Plague Lovers"  From the brand new CD 'Journal For Plague Lovers'.
13) Generationals-"Angry Charlie"  From the CD E.P. 'Con Law'.
14) Wave Machines-"I Go I Go I Go"  From the forthcoming CD 'Wave If You're Really There'.
15) Cornershop-"Roll Off (Solo Remix)"  From our friends at the 'Disturbed Beats' blog.
16) The Field-"The More That I Do (Foals Remix)"  From the brand new CD single for "The More That I Do".
17) Magistrates-"Heartbreak"  From the CD E.P. 'Heartbreak'.
18) Grizzly Bear-"Two Weeks"  From the brand new CD 'Veckatimest'.
19) Golden Lights-"Country Werewolves"  Demo sent to us from the band...Possibly a radio premiere.
20) Au Revoir Simone-"Anywhere you Looked"  From the brand new CD 'Still Night, Still Light'.
21) Patrick Watson-"Wooden Arms"  From the CD 'Wooden Arms'.
22) The Leisure Society-"Loves Enormous Wings"  From the CD 'The Sleeper'.
23) Peter Broderick-"The Path To Recovery"  From the forthcoming CD E.P. 'Music for Falling From Trees'.
24) Graham Coxon-"Look Into The Light"  From the brand new CD 'The Spinning Top'.
25) Arthur and Yu-"Don't Piss Into the Fire"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Don't Piss Into the Fire".
26) Wilco-"You and I"  From the forthcoming CD 'Wilco (The Album)'.
27) Eels-"That Look You Give That Guy"  From the forthcoming CD 'Hombre Lobo'.
28) The Orb-"Perpetual Dawn (Patterns and Textures Version-"Live at Brixton)"  From the CD soundtrack to the video 'The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld - Patterns and Textures Version'.
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording"        Led Zeppelin-'Led Zeppelin'
The first album we've played by this band. Really before it's time of 1969. Heavy, sexual and bluesy. "Been dazed and confused for so long that it's not true. Wanted a woman, I never bargained for you"

30) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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