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Music For Listeners 08/08/2009
MFL's 10th Anniversary - Show 3 of 5
MP3's of the Month Retrospective
All songs picked for the MP3 of the Month

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Palomar-"Honestly"  From the promo only CD E.P. 'Palomar 3.5' - June 05
3) The Earlies-"Wayward Song"  From the CD 'These Were the Earlies' - July 05
4) The Spinto Band-"Oh Mandy"  From the CD 'Nice and Nicely Done'- August 05
5) Meeky Rosie-"Forever"  From the CD single for "Forever" - September 05
6) Acid House Kings-"Do What You Wanna Do"  From the CD 'Sing Along With the Acid House Kings' - October 05
7) Architecture In Helsinki-"Wishbone"  From the CD 'In Case We Die' - November 05
8) The Dimes (Young Mammals)-"Delila (Early Version)"  From their first demo CD. Straight from the band at the time - December 05
9) The Whigs-"OK Alright"  From the CD 'Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip' - January 06
10) The Light Footwork-"Rapture Good Rupture Bad"  From the CD 'One State Two State' - February 06
11) Jose Gonzalez-"Stay In the Shade"  From the CD 'Veneer' - March 06
12) Oppenheimer-"Saturday Looks Bad To Me"  From the CD 'Oppenheimer' - April 06
13) Pants Yell-"Kids Are the Same"  From the CD 'Recent Drama' - May 06
14) Salaryman-"Portwine Road"  From the CD 'The Electric Forest' - June 06
15) Howling Bells-"Blessed Night"  From the CD 'Howling Bells' - July 06
16) Big Soy-"Western Sizzler"  From the CD E.P. 'Part of You' - August 06
17) Peter Bjorn And John-"Amsterdam"  From the CD 'Writer's Block' - September 06
18) Tacks, the Boy Disaster-"Frozen Feet"  From the CD E.P. 'Oh Beatrice' - October 06
19) Palace Fires-"Nothing Comes Close"  From the UK CD single for "Nothing Comes Close" - November 06
20) The Lovely Sparrows-"Your Flowers Will Bloom"  From the CD E.P. "Pulling Up Floors, Pouring On (New) Paint" - December 06
21) Marcus Rubio-"Post Apocolyptic Zombie Fighting"  From the CD 'The Life of Pillows' - January 07
22) Peel-"Oxford" From the CD 'Peel' - February 07
23) Mumm-Ra-"What Would Steve Do"  From the UK CD single for 'What Would Steve Do?' - March 07
24) The Blood Arm-"Suspicious Character"  From the CD 'Lie Lover Lie' - April 07
25) The Cribs-"Mens Needs"  From the CD single for "Men's Needs" - May 07
26) The Lea Shores-"Guillotine"  From the UK CD single for "Guillotine" - June 07
27) Scissors for Lefty-"Lay Down Your Weapons"  From the CD 'Underhanded Romance' - July 07
28) White Rabbits-"Kid On My Shoulders"  From the CD 'Fort Nightly' - August 07
29) Buttercup-"In Love"  From the CD E.P. 'Living Again' - September 07
30) Yellow Fever-"Cats and Rats"  From the CD single for "Cats and Rats" - October 07
31) Mouthful Of Bees-"The Now"  From the CD 'The End' - November 07
32) Clear Tigers-"Igloo"  From the CD 'Brutal' - December 07
33) Glasvegas-"Daddy's Gone"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Daddy's Gone" - January 08
34) Sara Lowes-"I Wish"  From the CD E.P. 'Tomorrows Laughter' - February 08
35) Fanfarlo-"Sand and Ice (Demo)"  From the Fanfarlo website - unreleased demo - March 08
36) The Dodos-"Fools"  From the CD 'Visiter' - April 08
37) The Little Ones-"Unlock The Door!"  From the CD E.P. 'Terry Tales and Fallen Gates' - May 08
38) Johnny Flynn-"Leftovers"  From the CD 'A Larum' - June 08
39) Hymns-"St. Sebastian"  From the CD 'Travel In Herds' - July 08
40) Bears-"Who Knows"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Who Knows" - August 08
41) Sunset-"Zombies"  From the CD 'The Glowing City' - September 08
42) The Gaslight Anthem-"The '59 Sound"  From the CD 'The '59 Sound' - October 08
43) Noah and the Whale-"Mary"  From the CD 'Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down' - November 08
44) Slow Club-"Let's Fall Back In Love"  From the CD E.P. 'Let's Fall Back In Love' - December 08
45) The Molotovs-"Flowers"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Flowers" - January 09
46) Violens-"Violent Sensation Descends"  From the CD E.P. 'Violens' - February 09
47) Dinosaur Pile-Up-"My Rock N Roll"  From the 7" single for "My Rock N Roll" - March 09
48) A Classic Education-"Stay Son"  From the vinyl 12" 'First E.P.' - April 09
49) My Sad Captains-"Great Expectations"  From the double A-side 7" single for "All Hat and No Plans"/"Great Expectations"- May 09
50) Jack Penate-"Every Glance"  From the CD 'Everthing is New' - June 09
51) Apples-"Reason 45 (Demo)"  Unreleased version of the single - July 09
52) Django Django-"Love's Dart"  From the double A-side 7" single for "Storm"/"Love's Dart"- August 09
53) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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