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Music For Listeners 10/31/2009

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Kings of Convenience-"Boat Behind"  From the brand new CD 'Declaration Of Dependence'.
3) Pants Yell-"Cold Hands"  From the brand new CD 'Received Pronunciation'.
4) The Flaming Lips-"Watching the Planets"  From the brand new CD 'Embryonic'.
5) The Molotovs-"In Conversation"  From the CD 'And Their Heads Did Roll'.
6) Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck-"IRM"  From the brand new CD single for "IRM".
7) The Spinto Band-"Keep Them Alive (Slender Version)"  From the brand new CD EP 'Slim & Slender'.
8) Daniel Johnston-"Tears"  From the brand new CD 'Is And Always Was'.
9) Terry De Castro-"Starry Eyed"  From the CD 'A Casa Verde'.
10) Idlewild-"(The Night Will) Bring You Back To Life"  From the brand new CD 'Post Electric Blues'.
11) Jarvis Cocker-"Further Complications"  From the brand new CD 'Further Complications'.
12) Snowbyrd-"Minx of Melee"  From the forthcoming CD 'Diosdado'.
13) The Drums-"I Felt Stupid"  From the brand new CD EP 'Summertime'.
14) The Whigs-"In the Dark"  From the forthcoming CD 'In the Dark'.
15) Built To Spill-"Life's A Dream"  From the CD 'There Is No Enemy'.
16) Three Trapped Tigers-"09"  From the CD 'EP2'.
17) Django Django-"Zummzumm"  Released on the web by the band.
18) Broadcast-"In Here the World Begins"  From the CD 'Broadcast and the Focus Group'.
19) Headlights-"I Don't Mind"  From the CD 'Wildlife'.
20) Vampire Weekend-"Horchata"  From the forthcoming CD 'Contra'.
21) Stricken City-"PS"  From the brand new CD 'Songs About People I Know'.
22) Pomegranates-"Southern Ocean"  From the CD 'Everybody, Come Outside!'.
23) Kurt Vile-"He's Alright"  From the brand new CD 'Childish Prodigy'.
24) Jeremy Warmsley-"Dirty Blue Jeans (Acoustic Version)"  From the brand new CD EP '5 Versions'.
25) Tenniscoats & Pastels-"Vivid Youth"  From the CD 'Two Sunsets'.
26) Mumford and Sons-"Dust Bowl Dance"  From the CD 'Sigh No More'.
27) Lofty Heights-"Eye Contact"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Eye Contact".
28) Leonard Cohen-"So Long Marianne (Live at Isle of Wight 1970)"  From the brand new CD 'Live at Isle of Wight 1970'.
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            The Smiths-'Meat Is Murder'
The second album I bought from this great Manchester band. It's not their best album, but they really didn't have any bad material. This is one bad ass album. This collection may be their most cohesive album, start to finish. It has a consistent sound, and maybe only the self-titled debut could come close to it in that catagory. This is also the first complete album I heard produced by the great Stephen Street. It obviously wouldn't be the last. Dedicated to the late John Peel, who even after knowing The Smiths for over ten years, made me appreciate them even more. I have to agree they are not only one of the most talented bands of the 80's, but one of the funniest as well. "I am the son and the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar."

30) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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