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Music For Listeners 02/06/2010

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Gigi-"The Hundredth Time"  From the CD 'Maintenant'.
3) The Soft Pack-"Pull Out"  From the forthcoming CD 'The Soft Pack'.
4) Surfer Blood-"Swim"  From the frothcoming CD 'Astro Coast'.
5) Ash-"Ichiban"  From the 7" single for "Ichiban". Single 'G' of the "A to Z Series".
6) Standard Fare-"Dancing"  From the 7" single for "Dancing".
7) Good Shoes-"Do You Remember"  From the forthcoming CD 'No Hope, No Future'.
8) Elk City-"Cherries in the Snow"  From the CD 'New Believers'.
9) Two Door Cinema Club-"Undercover Martyn"  From the CD E.P. 'Four Words To Stand On'.
10) Chapel Club-"O Maybe I"  From the forthcoming 7" single for "O Maybe I".
11) Lyrebirds-"Closer"  From the 7" single for "Closer".
12) Los Campesinos!-"Romance is Boring"  From the CD 'Romance is Borning'.
13) She And Him-"In the Sun"  From the forthcoming CD 'Volume 2'.
14) The Boy Who Trapped The Sun-"Lying To Get On Your Good Side"  From the forthcoming CD 'Home EP'.
15) Biffy Clyro-"Many of Horror"  From the CD 'Only Revolutions'.
16) Dios-"See How They Run"  From the forthcoming CD E.P. 'First Quarter Single 2010'.
17) Groove Armada (Featuring Bryan Ferry)-"Shameless"  From the forthcoming CD 'Black Light'.
18) Lightspeed Champion-"Madame Van Damme"  From the forthcoming CD 'Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You.'.
19) New Young Pony Club-"Chaos"  From the forthcoming CD 'The Optimist'.
20) Gorillaz (Featuring Bobby Womack and Mos Def)-"Stylo"  From the forthcoming CD 'Plastic Beach'.
21) Field Music-"Them That Do Nothing"  From the forthcoming CD 'Field Music (Measure)'.
22) Freelance Whales-"Generator ^ 1st Floor"  From the forthcoming CD 'Weathervanes'.
23) Noah And The Whale-"Instrumental III"  Free download from the band's mailing list.
24) The Magnetic Fields-"Always Already Gone"  From the brand new CD 'Realism'.
25) The Spinto Band-"Don't Tell Me That It's Wintertime"  From the CD EP 'Happy Holidays from The Spinto Band'.
26) Hot Chip-"Alley Cats"  From the forthcoming CD 'One Life Stand'.
27) The Radio Dept-"Heavens On Fire"  From the forthcoming CD 'Clinging To A Scheme'.
28) These New Puritans-"Attack Music"  From the CD 'Hidden'.
29) Laurie Anderson-"Puppet Motel"  From the CD 'Bright Red'.
30) Massive Attack (Featuring Hope Sandoval)-"Paradice Circus"  From the forthcoming CD 'Heligoland'.
31) Lali Puna-"Remember"  From the forthcoming CD 'Our Inventions'.
32) The Orb-"Dolly Unit"  From the CD compilation 'Baghdad Batteries - Orbsessions Volume III'.
33) "The Mid-Morning Recording"         Syd Barrett-'The Madcap Laughs'
It does amaze me sometimes when I come across an album in my collection that hasn't been played on this part of the show. Friends, family, and long time listeners know my infinity for Pink Floyd, and it is a little shameful to me that I haven't played a solo recording from founding member and original singer of the group. Certainly since he has passed on. I like his compliations and his first solo album, but I would say that 'The Mapcap Laughs' is my favorite album from the late Mr. Barrett. This is truly an amazing album from one of the greatest songwriters of any era of pop music. Much like The Beatles, this his last true studio recording was released a mere few days into the 1970's. Truly the close of an era. One that just precided your humble narrator and theh droogs as well.
"Well, oh baby
my hair's on end about you"

34) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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