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Music For Listeners 07/17/2010
Wichita Recordings 10th Birthday Tribute

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Glen Campbell-"Wichita Lineman"  From the CD compilation '20 Greatest Hits'.
3) Bright Eyes-"The Calender Hung Itself"   From the CD 'Fever and Mirrors'. WEBB001
4) Her Space Holiday-"The Doctor and the DJ"  From the CD 'Home is Where You Hang Yourself'. WEBB002
5) Brave Captain-"Running Off the Ground"   From the CD 'Go with Yourself: The Fingertip Sessions Volume 2'. WEBB004
6) Ruby-"Grace"  From the CD single for "Grace". WEBB007
7) My Morning Jacket-"Just Because I Do"   From the vinyl 7" single for "Just Because I Do"/"The Bear". WEBB042s
8) Giant Drag-"This Isn't It"  From the CD 'Lemona EP'. WEBBUSOO2
9) Elastica-"The Bitch Don't Work"  From the vinyl 7" single for "The Bitch Don't Work". WEBB026S
10) Yeah Yeah Yeahs-"Miles Away"  From the CD EP 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'. WEBB029
11) Bloc Party-"Banquet (Live from SXSW 2005)"  Recorded at The Blender Bar at the Ritz on March 17th, 2005 exclusively for Music for Listeners.
12) Bloc Party-"Little Thoughts"  From the CD single for "Little Thoughts"/"Storm and Stress". WEBB067S
13) Bloc Party-"Two More Years"  From the CD single for "Two More Years". WEBB095s
14) Bloc Party-"Flux"  From the CD single for "Flux". WEBB135SCD
15) Mariachi El Bronx-"Cell Mates"  From the vinyl 7" Single for "Cell Mates"/"I Would Die 4 U". WEBB227S
16) The Bronx-"Young Bloods"  From the vinyl 7" Single for "Young Bloods"/"Lab Rats". WEBB198S
17) Mariachi El Bronx-"Slave Labor"  From the CD 'Mariachi EL Bronx'. WEBB219CD
18) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-"In This Home On Ice"  From the CD Single for "In This Home On Ice". WEBB102SCD
19) Les Savy Fav-"What Would Wolves Do?"  From the vinyl 7" single for "What Would Wolves Do?"/"The Year Before the Year 2000". WEBB154S
20) The Dodos-"Fools"  From the CD 'Visitor'. WEBB170CD
21) Lissy Trullie-"Forget About It"  From the CD EP 'Self Taught Learner'. WEBB213CD
22) Peter, Bjorn and John (Featuring Victoria Bergsman)-"Young Folks"  From the CD single for "Young Folks". WEBB151SCD
23) Peter Moren-"Social Competence"  From the CD 'The Last Tycoon'. WEBB168
24) Los Campesinos!-"You! Me!,Dancing!"  From the CD 'Hold On Now, Youngster'. WEBB160CD
25) Los Campesinos!-"Romance is Boring"  From the CD 'Romance is Boring'. WEBB239CD
26) The Cribs-"Hey Scenesters!"  From the CD 'Live at the Ritz'. Found in the Roses box set of 'Ignore the Ignorant'. WEBB220CDLN
27) The Cribs-"Men's Needs"  From the CD/DVD box set 'Men's Needs, Woman's Needs, Whatever'. WEBB126CDL
28) The Cribs-"City of Bugs"  From the CD/DVD Roses box set version of 'Ignore the Ignorant'. WEBB220CDLN
29) Simian Mobile Disco-"Aspic"  From the vinyl 12" single for "Aspic". From the bands "Delicacies" label; sold on the Wichita website. DEL001
30) Kid 606-"Done With the Scene"  From the CD 'Resilience'. WEBB086CD
31) Those Dancing Days-"Hitten"  From the CD 'In Our Space Hero Suits'. WEBB184CD
32) Kele Okereke-"Tenderoni"  From the CD 'The Boxer'. WEBB255CD
33) First Aid Kit-"I Met Up With the King"  From the CD 'The Big Black & The Blue'. WEBB222CDL
34) Canyon-"Lights of Town"  From the CD 'Empty Rooms'. WEBB043CD
35) Meg Baird-"Dear Companion"  From the CD 'Dear Companion" WEBB145CD
36) Peggy Sue-"Watchman"  From the CD 'Fossila and Other Phantoms'. WEBB245CDL
37) Sky Larkin-"Shade by Shade"  From the CD 'Kaleide'. WEBB260CD
38) Lovvers-"OCD Go Go Girls"  From the vinyl 7" single for "OCD Go Go Girls"/"1000 Flowers". WEBB217S
39) Frankie and the Heartstrings-"Tender"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Tender"/"Want You Back". From the bands "Pop Sex" label; sold on the Wichita website. POPSEX020
40) Best Coast-"Boyfriend"  From the forthcoming CD 'Crazy for You'. WEBB259CD
41) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            The Cribs-'The Cribs' (Vinyl Version) WEBB 058LPTEN
For the very first time, the debut album from Wakefield's The Cribs has been released on vinyl. In honor of the re-release of the album for the 10th anniversary of Wichita Recordings, and because it's such a great album anyways, we play it for tonight's MMR in all its glory. One thing is for sure, the root beer will be chillin' the next time these boys roll into Texas. Thanks for great music Wichita, keep it going the way you've been, and here's to another 10 years of great releases. "I'm alone and cold, just another number on another road".
Michael and Orly-MFL

42) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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