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Listen to this episode of "The 180" by directing your cursor to 2010 - December on the microsite here

Music For Listeners 12/18/2010
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.16 - The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)

1) The 180 Intro - Performed by The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)

Frank's Segment
2) Snoop Dogg-"Gin and Juice" From the CD 'Doggystyle'.
3) The Beastie Boys-"Heart Attack Man" From the CD 'Ill Communication'.
4) Hall and Oates-"Rich Girl" From the CD 'Bigger Than Both of Us'.
5) Ween-"Chocolate Town" From the CD 'Quebec'.
6) Violent Femmes-"Please Do Not Go" From the CD 'Violent Femmes'.
7) Devo-"Bottled Up" From the compilation CD 'Hardcore Devo: Volume Two'.
8) Dr Dog-"Me and My Girl" From the digital album 'Passed Away, Vol. 1'.
9) Delta Spirit-"911" From the CD 'History From Below'.
10) Quasi-"I Never wanna See You Again" From the CD 'Featuring "Birds"'.
11) The Flaming Lips-"A Spoonful Weighs A Ton" From the CD 'The Soft Bulletin'.
12) 180 Station Identification - Performed by The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)

Chuck's Segment
13) The Vince Guaraldi Trio-"Christmas Time is Here" From the CD 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.
14) Buttercup-"Egypt" From the CD 'Hot Love'.
15) Yo La Tengo-"Magnet" From the CD compilation 'Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs: 1985–2003'.
16) A Tribe Called Quest-"Can I Kick It?" From the CD 'People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm'.
17) Lindsey Buckingham-"Dancing Across the USA" From the vinyl LP soundtrack to the motion picture "National Lampoon's Vacation".
18) Alisha Bridges-"I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)" From the vinyl 7" single for "I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)".
19) George Jones-"Choices" From the CD comipilation 'The Essential George Jones'.
20) The Ziggens-"Paddle Out" From the CD compilation 'Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime'.
21) Springs-"Waste My Time" From the CD 'Tightropes'.

Christine's Segment
22) They Might Be Giants-"Birdhouse In Your Soul" From the CD 'Flood'.
23) Siouxsie And The Banshees-"Kiss Them for Me" From the CD 'Superstition'.
24) Jane's Addiction-"Standing In The Shower... Thinking" From the CD 'Nothing's Shocking'.
25) The Spinto Band-"Direct To Helmet" From the CD 'Nice and Nicely Done'.
26) Seth Kauffman-"Digging" From the CD 'Research'.
27) Tim Fite-"We Didn't Warn You" From the CD 'Under The Table Tennis'.
28) The Cars-"You Might Think" From the CD 'Heartbreak City'.
29) Harvey Danger-"Flagpole Sitta" From the CD 'Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?'.
30) April March-"Cet Air Là" From the CD EP 'Chick Habit'.

David's Segment
31) Jason Segel-"Dracula's Lament" From the CD soundtrack to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".
32) Stealers Wheel-"Stuck In the Middle" From the CD 'Stealers Wheel'.
33) Saves the Day-"Nightingale" From the CD 'Stay What You Are'.
34) Jawbreaker-"Oyster" From the CD 'Dear You'.
35) Vyvienne Long-"Seven Nation Army (Oui FM Session)" From the radio session for France's Oui Radio.
36) The Cure-"A Forest" From the CD 'Seventeen Seconds'.
37) Bob Marley-"One Love/People Get Ready" From the CD 'Exodus'.
38) Concrete Blonde-"Joey" From the CD 'Bloodletting'.
39) Flogging Molly-"Devil's Dance Floor" From the CD 'Swagger'.

JC's Segment
40) Dead Kennedys-"Short Songs" From the CD 'Give Me Convenience, or Give Me Death'.
41) The Smiths-"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" From the CD 'Hatful of Hollow'.
42) Arcade Fire-"Neon Bible" From the CD 'Neon Bible'.
43) Bad Religion-"Heaven is Falling" From the CD 'Generator'.
44) Rumbleseat-"California Burritos" From the CD 'Is Dead'.
45) Fugazi-"Waiting Room" From the CD '13 Songs'.
46) The Descendents-"I Like Food" From the CD 'Somery'.
47) Pixies-"Allison" From the CD 'Bossanova'.
48) Hot Water Music-"Blackjaw" From the CD 'Fuel for A Hate Game'.
49) Dillinger Four-"Farts Are Jazz for Assholes" From the CD 'Versus God'.
50) Propagandhi-"Nailing Descartes to the Wall" From the CD 'Less Talk, More Rock'.
51) Leatherface-"Eat Her Face" From the vinyl 7" split single with Hot Water Music'.
52) NOFX-"Green Corn" From the CD 'Ribbed'.
53) Dead Fucking Last-"Home Is Where the Heart Is" From the CD 'Proud To Be'.
54) Braid-"Killing A Camera" From the CD 'Frame & Canvas'.
55) The Beatles-"The End" From theh CD 'Abbey Road'.

Extra tracks picked out by the band to fill time
56) Generationals-"When We They Fight, They Fight" From the CD 'Con Law'.
57) The Sharon Stones-"Royal Rumble" Demo straight from the band.
58) Joy Division-"Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
59) Cartographers-"Untitled Unreleased Track" Demo left on The Hawks computer by Jackson, The Cartographers lead singer.
60) Elvis Costello-"Radio Radio" From the CD 'This Year's Model'.

61) The 180 Outro - Performed by The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)

Listen to this episode of "The 180" by directing your cursor to 2010 - December on the microsite here

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