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Music For Listeners 06/18/2011

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) The Jesus and Marychain and Hope Sandoval-"Sometimes Always"  From the 'Stoned and Dethroned'.
3) Ride-"Leave Them All Behind"  From the single for "Leave Them All Behind".
4) Pale Saints-"She Rides the Waves"  From the vinyl 12" EP 'Barging Into the Presence of God E.P.'
5) Teenage Fanclub-"Free Again"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Free Again".
6) The Boo Radleys-"Lazy Day"  From the double CD 'Find the Answer: Anthology'.
7) Primal Scream-"Higher Than the Sun"  From the 20th Anniversary - limited edition box set for 'Screamdelica'.
8) Gene-"Be My Light, Be My Guide"  From the 'As Good As It Gets: The Best of Gene'.
9) Ash-"T Rex"  From the single for "Oh Yeah".
10) Sleeper-"Inbetweener"  From the 'Smart'.
11) Elastica-"Waking Up"  From the 'Elastica'.
12) Supergrass-"Lenny"  From the 'I Should Coco'.
13) The Bluetones-"Castle Rock"  From the single for "Cut Some Rug"/"Castle Rock".
14) The Frank and Walters-"Fashion Crisis Hits New York"  From the 'EP 1 & 2'.
15) Travis-"All I Want To Do Is Rock"  From the single for "All I Want To Do Is Rock".
16) Electronic-"Get the Message" From the remastered special editon CD 'Electronic.
17) Shed Seven-"Going for Gold"  From the single for "Going for Gold".
18) The High-"Box Set Go"  From the 'Somewhere Soon'.
19) Pulp-"Sorted for E'S and Wizz"  From the 'Different Class'.
20) Underworld-"Born Slippy Nuxx"  From the single for "Born Slippy".
21) Lo Fidelity All Stars-"Kool Rock Bass"  From the single for "Kool Rock Bass".
22) The Stone Roses-"Waterfall"  From the 20th Anniversary box set fpr 'The Stone Roses'.
23) Happy Mondays-"Rave On (Club Mix)"  From the US CD EP 'Hallelujah'.
24) James-"How Was It For You?"  From the 'Gold Mother'.
25) The Charlatans-"Up To Our Hips"  From the 'Up To Our Hips'.
26) Inspiral Carpets-"Plane Crash"  From the US CD 'The Cool As **** E.P.'.
27) My Bloody Valentine-"Soon"  From the 'Loveless'.
28) Chapterhouse-"Pearl"  From the 'Whirlpool'.
29) Slowdive-"Shine"  From the singles compilation 'Blue Day'.
30) Lush-"Thoughtforms"  From the 'Scar'.
31) Manic Street Preachers-"Faster"  From the single for "Faster"/"P.C.P".
32) Swervedriver-"Duel"  From the 'Mezcal Head'.
33) Adorable-"Crash Sight"  From the 'Against Perfection'.
34) Revolver-"Heaven Sent An Angel"  From the vinyl 12" single for "45".
35) The Wedding Present-"Queen from Outer Space"  From the compilation 'Hit Parade 2'.
36) The Farm-"Groovy Train"  From the 'Spartacus'.
37) Menswear-"Daydreamer"  From the single for "Daydreamer".
38) Kingmaker -"Really Scrape the Sky"  From the 'Eat Yourself Whole'.
39) Ned's Atomic Dustbin-"Less Than Useful"  From the 'Godfodder'.
40) Flowered Up-"Weekender (12" Version)"  From the 'The Best of Flowered Up'.
41) 808 State-"Pacific State"  From the vinyl 12" single for "Quadrastate".
42) Aphex Twin-"Xtal"  From the 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92'.
43) Massive Attack-"Safe from Harm"  From the vinyl LP 'Blue Lines'.
44) Blur-"For Tomorrow"  From the single for "For Tomorrow".
45) Oasis-"Fade Away"  From the single for "Cigarettes and Alcohol".
46) The La's-"Feelin" From the Deluxe double CD 'The La's'.
47) Super Furry Animals-"Play it Cool"  From the 'Radiator'.
48) Suede-"The Wild Ones"  From the remastered double CD 'Dog Man Star'.
49) The Sundays-"I Won"  From the vinyl LP 'Reading, Writing and Arithmatic'.
50) Spiritulized-"Medication"  From the vinyl 12" 'Medication E.P.'.
51) Catherine Wheel-"Fripp"  From the 'Chrome'.
52) Verve-"A Man Called Sun"  From the 'The Verve E.P.'.
53) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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