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Music For Listeners 12/10/2011

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) The Spinto Band-"The Sheriff"  From the brand new soundtrack to the documentary film 'Biba! One Island, 879 Votes'.
3) Dr Dog-"That Old Black Hole"  From the forthcoming CD 'Be The Void'.
4) A Classic Education-"Work It Out"  From the CD 'Call It Blazing'.
5) The Drums-"I Can't Save Your Life"  From the split vinyl 7" single with Io Echo.
6) Standard Fare-"Look for Lust"  From the brand new CD 'Out of Sight, Out of Town'.
7) Zulu Winter-"Never Leave"  From the digital single for "Let's Move Back to Front".
8) Yeti Lane-"Analog Wheel"  From the forthcoming CD 'The Echo Show'.
9) School of Seven Bells-"The Night"  From the forthcoming CD 'Ghostory'.
10) Alamo Race Track-"Shake Off the Leaves"  From the CD 'Unicorn Loves Deer'.
11) Frankie and the Heartstrings-"The Way You Kiss"  From the brand new digital single for "Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)".
12) The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)-"First Punch"  From the CD EP 'Be Not Afraid'.
13) Seventeen Evergreen-"Polarity Song (Radio Edit)"  From the brand new vinyl 10" EP 'Psyentist'.
14) Howling Bells-"Baby Blue"  From the CD 'The Loudest Engine'.
15) Guided By Voices-"Doughnut For A Snowman"  From the digital single for "Doughnut for a Snowman".
16) Chairlift-"Peculiar Paradise"  From the AA side vinyl 7" single for "Amanaemonesia"/"Peculiar Paradise".
17) Sea Lions-"I Loved Her So Much"  From the CD 'Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions, but were Afraid to Ask'.
18) Two Wounded Birds-"My Daydream"  From the digital single for "Together Forever".
19) Joe Henry-"Sticks and Stones"  From the brand new CD 'Reverie'.
20) Still Corners-"Submarine"  From the CD 'Creatures of an Hour'.
21) Michael Kiwanuka-"Worry Walks Beside Me"  From the digital EP 'Tell Me A Tale EP - Isle Of Wight Sessions'.
22) Sunset-"Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed"  From the digital single for "Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed".
23) The Foreign Resort-"Heart Breaks Down"  From the CD EP 'The Foreign Resort'.
24) Real Estate-"All The Same"  From the CD 'Days'.
25) Dead Can Dance-"The Love That Cannot Be"  From the digital EP 'Live Happenings II'.
26) Yo-Yo Ma-Stuart Duncan-Edgar Meyer-Chris Thile featuring Aoife O'Donovan-"No One But You"  From the CD 'The Goat Rodeo Sessions'.
27) Jónsi — Ævin Endar"  From the brand new CD soundtrack to the motion picture 'We Bought A Zoo'.
28) Kate Bush-"Among Angels"  From the brand new CD '50 Words for Snow'.
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording" The Orb-'Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions'
This past summer we celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Orb's debut release 'Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld' with a three month celebration. It was my intention to play this album when its 20 anniversary rolled around in December. On December 14, 1991, this remix album was released and deleted on the same day. This is still one of the most rare of the Orb releases. It has never been reissued, and still fetches a pretty penny on eBay. So many great remixes here, and so many great remixers as well: Jimi Cauty of The KLF, Steve Hillage, Pal Joey, Thomas Fehlmann under Ready Made, Alex Patterson himself, and the amazing mixes of "Spanish Castles In Space" by Youth. It's a great album of its own right, and to honor the 20th anniversary of its release, we play it tonight for the listeners, proving once again, that "Orb is not just for Christmas, it's for life" (door creeking open) - Michael - MFL
30) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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