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Music For Listeners 02/25/2012
Rebroadcast - 09/18/2021
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.30 - My Two Toms

1) My Two Toms-"Untitled no.1" (Music For Listeners 180 session)
2) M. Ward-"Duet for Guitars no.2"  From the CD ‘Duet for Guitars no.2'.
3) Frank Fairfield-"Call Me a Dog When You’re Gone"  From the record ‘Frank Fairfield'
4) Porter Wagoner-"The Rubber Room"  From the CD ‘Out Of The Silence Came A Song: The Somber Sound Of Porter Wagoner'
5) Bucky-"I Love The Library"  From the CD ‘All The New Mistakes'
6) The Lonely Ponies-"Thirteen"  From the record ‘The Lonely Ponies'
7) Rose Mitchell-"Baby Please Don’t Go"  From the CD ‘Jukebox Jam: A Collection of Authentic American Rhythm & Blues Recordings'
8) The Middle Ones-"The Bike That I Ride"  From the album ‘Women, Ladies and Girls Sing The Bucky Songbook'
9) Claudine Clark-"Hang It Up"  From the CD ‘Ask The Girl Who Knows-Best 1958-1969'
10) Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains-"Allons à la Piscine"  From the record ‘Her River Raves Recollections'
11) Hospitality-"Betty Wang"  From the CD "Hospitality"
12) Roy Smeck and His Vita Trio-"Lullaby For The Leaves" 78rpm record
13) Eddie Peabody-"Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me" 78rpm record
14) Maxine Sullivan-"Dark Eyes" 78rpm record
15) The Clicquot Club Eskimos-"On The Sunny Side of The Street" 78rpm record
16) Unknown Japanese 78rpm record.
17) The Hawaiian Quartet-"Hawaiian Rainbow" 78rpm record
18) Joanna Newsom-"Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes (Live at Bottletree in Birmingham, AL, 25/11/06)
19) Bootleg Movietone-"Hydra"  From the record ‘The Blossom Filled Streets'
20) Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis-"Little Sister in The Sky"  From the CD ‘Come On Board'
21) Lisa Marr-"Real Life Teardrops"  From the album ‘Women, Ladies and Girls Sing The Bucky Songbook'
22) The Lonely Ponies-"Real Life Teardrops" (Music For Listeners 180 session)
23) Roger Miller-"My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died"  From the CD ‘King Of The Road: The Genius Of Roger Miller'
24) Bucky-"Band Of Gold"  From the CD ‘Mike-Shell Presents Super Hits Of The Seventies!'
25) Eureka Brass Band-"Sing On"  From the CD ‘Funeral Songs (Dead Man Blues)'
26) Bucky W/ Lucy Roberts-"Baldy Faced Red Hereford" Unreleased
27) Dory Previn-"Beware of Young Girls"  From the CD ‘On My Way To Where'
28) The Balky Mule-"Gyre 1 (excerpt)" Unreleased.
29) The Balky Mule-"Drops"  From the download single "Courage" by The Middle Ones
30) The Balky Mule-"An Echo In The Street"  From the CD ‘Home Recordings-Melbourne 2007 – 2008'.
31) The Balky Mule-"Lanark (excerpt)" Unreleased
32) The Balky Mule-"Nine Planets" Unreleased
33) Anand Prayang & Chorus-"Pretty Pretty Priya"  From the album ‘Michael Shelley Presents Music Is Freedom'
34) The Middle Ones-"Courage"  From the CD ‘It Is The Rehearsal That Will Make This'
35) Jack Lewis-"She Was In The Room"  From the CD ‘Lvov Swims the Willamette'
37) Matt Loveridge-"For Holy (excerpt)"  From the CD ‘Attworth'
38) Naoto Kawate-"ジョーくんへ"  From the CD ‘こまりいりまめ'
39) The Lonely Ponies-"Future From The Past" (Music For Listeners 180 session)
40) Deep Cotton-"Self"  From ‘The 2010 Believer Music Issue' CD.
41) Charlie Parr W/ My Two Toms-"Up Country Blues" Unreleased Version
42) This Is The Kit-"Spinney"  From the CD ‘Wriggle Out The Restless'.
43) Unknown-"Pamahei"  From the record ‘Mata la Pena'.
44) 二階堂和美-"夏のお嬢さん"  From the album ‘ニカセトラ0000002〜夏模様編〜'.
45) Daniel Johnston-"Sweetheart"  From the record ‘Yip/Jump Music'.
46) My Two Toms-"Untitled no.2" (Music For Listeners 180 session)

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