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Music For Listeners 03/10/2012

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) Johnny Cash-"Understand Your Man"  From the CD compilation 'Time Life Classic Country (1941 - 1951)'.
3) The Cribs-"Come On, Be A No-One"  From the forthcoming digital single for "Come On, Be A No-One".
4) The Jezabels-"Endless Summer"  From the CD 'Prisoner'.
5) Education-"Jukebox"  From the brand new digtal EP 'Education'
6) Standard Fare-"Crystal Palatial"  From the CD 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Town'.
7) Literature-"Cincinnatti"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Cincinnatti".
8) Django Django-"Zumm Zumm"  From the CD 'Django Django'.
9) Bear in Heaven-"The Reflection of You"  From the forthcoming CD 'I Love You, It's Cool'.
10) Sea of Bees-"Broke"  From the digital single for "Broke".
11) Sulk-"Back in Bloom (The Porters Remix)"  Free download from the website.
12) Cast-"Bow Down"  From the brand new CD 'Troubled Times'.
13) Chairlift-"I Belong In Your Arms"  From the CD 'Something'.
14) Crowns-"Full Swing"  From the digital EP 'Full Swing'.
15) Wild Nothing-"Wait"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Nowhere".
16) Dr Dog-"Big Girl"  From the CD 'Be the Void'.
17) Jack White-"Love Interruption"  From the digital single for "Love Interruption".
18) The Spinto Band-"Dixie"  From the digital soundtrack to the film 'Biba! 1 Island, 879 Votes'.
19) Hooray for Earth-"True Loves"  From the CD 'True Loves'.
20) Fixers-"Floating Up"  From the brand new CD 'We'll Be The Moon'.
21) IC1s-"Levitate"  From the digital single for "Levitate".
22) Novella-"Don't Believe Ayn Rand"  From the forthcoming digital 'Novella EP'.
23) Ramesh-"Dancer"  From the brand new 'Ramesh Srivastava EP'.
24) We Leave At Midnight-"Don't Wake Me Up"  From the brand new CD 'We Leave At Midnight'.
25) Regina Spektor-"All the Rowboats"  From the digital single for "All the Rowboats".
26) Howler-"Wailing (Making Out)"  From the CD 'America Give Up'.
27) Real Estate-"Exactly Nothing"  From the digital single for "Easy".
28) Spectrals-"Friend Zone"  From the digital download for "Friend Zone".
29) Fountains-"No Sleep"  From the brand new CD 'No Sleep E.P.'.
30) Poor Moon-"Illusion"  From the forthcoming CD EP 'Illusion'.
31) The Staves-"Gone Tomorrow (Live)"  From the digital EP 'Live at Cecil Sharp House, London.'.
32) "The Mid-Morning Recording"              The Magnetic Fields-'69 Love Songs (Vol 1)'.
I'm happy to say that I've seen The Magnetic Fields in concert. I am so pleased to see them coming back to Texas for SXSW as well, and hopefully I can catch one of their shows. In honor of their return to Texas, we are playing tonight the first volume of my second favorite album by the band. The first 23 songs of '69 Love Songs'. Maybe we will play the other two volumes on future broadcasts. "Not if I could write for you the sweetest song you ever heard. It doesn't matter what I'll do. Not for all my little words."
Michael - MFL

33) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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