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Music For Listeners 03/17/2012
Bands playing SXSW 2012

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) The Staves-"Mexico"  From the digital released 'Mexico EP'.
3) Django Django-"Default"  From the CD 'Django Django'.
4) Zulu Winter-"We Should Be Swimming"  From the digital single for "We Should Be Swimming".
5) The Wedding Present-"The Queen of Outer Space"  From the vinyl 7" single for "The Queen of Outer Space".
6) Kaiser Chiefs-"Never Miss A Beat"  From the CD 'Off With Their Heads'.
7) The Spinto Band-"The Living Things"  From the forthcoming CD 'Shy Pursuit'.
8) The Shins-"Simple Song"  From the forthcoming CD 'Port of Morrow'.
9) Kasabian-"Goodbye Kiss"  From the digital single for "Goodbye Kiss".
10) A Classic Education-"Baby, It's Fine"  From the CD 'Call It Blazing'.
11) Dutch Uncles-"Cadenza"  From the CD 'Cadenza'.
12) Built To Spill-"Carry The Zero"  From the CD 'Keep it Like A Secret'.
13) Bloody Beach-"Gonzo Blues"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Quembo Que?"/"Gonzo Blues".
14) The Brute Chorus-"Chateau"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Chateau".
15) We Were Promised Jetpacks-"It's Thunder and It's Lightning"  From the CD 'These Four Walls'.
16) Jonquil-"Mexico"  From the split vinyl 7" single with Solid Gold Dragons for "Mexico"/"Serious Lover".
17) Slowdance-"Spell"  From the digital EP 'Light and Colour'.
18) La Sera-"Break My Heart"  From the forthcoming CD 'Sees The Light'.
19) Chad Valley-"I Want Your Love"  From the CD EP 'Equatorial Ultravox'.
20) The Wonder Villains-"Zola"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Zola".
21) Palomar-"Reunion"  From the CD 'Sense and Antisense'.
22) Fanfarlo-"Replicate"  From the brand new CD 'Rooms Filled With Ligh'.
23) Literature-"It's Cruel"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Cincinatti".
24) Spectrals-"Get A Grip"  From the digital single for "Get A Grip".
25) Slow Club-"If Were Still Alive"  From the CD 'Paradise'.
26) Seapony-"Where We Go"  From the CD 'Go With Me'.
27) Evans the Death-"Telling Lies"  From the brand new digital single for "Telling Lies".
28) Treetop Flyers-"Long Cold Winter"  From the vinyl 10" single for "Things Will Change".
29) Three Blind Wolves-"Echo on the Night Train"  From the digital 'Sound of the Storm EP'.
30) The Apache Relay-"Sets Me Free"  From the CD 'American Nomad'.
31) Ben Howard-"Old Pine (EP Version)"  From the CD 'The Old Pine E.P.'.
32) Marcus Foster-"I Was Broken"  From the CD 'Nameless Path'.
33) Michael Kiwanuka-"Home Again"  From the vinyl 10" 'Home Again E.P.'.
34) "The Mid-Morning Recording"       The Magnetic Fields-'69 Love Songs (Vol 2)'.
Once again, in honor of their return to Texas, we are playing tonight the second volume of my second favorite album by the band. The second 23 songs of '69 Love Songs'. Maybe we will play the last volume on a future broadcast. "W-A-S-H-ING-T-O-N Baby D-C!"
Michael - MFL

35) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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