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Music For Listeners 08/18/2012
Chad Valley - Live at the Flat Top Burger Shop 2012

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) The Monkees-"The Kind of Girl I Could Love"  From the CD "More of the Monkees".
3) The History of Apple Pie-"Long Way to Go"  From the brand new digital single for "Do It Wrong".
4) The Vaccines-"Why Should I Love You (Live In Brighton)"  From the digital 'Live In Brighton EP'.
5) Two Gallants-"The Bloom and the Blight-"Song of Songs"  From the brand new CD 'The Bloom and the Blight'.
6) Shonen Knife-"Psychedelic Life"  From the brand new CD 'Pop Tune'.
7) Whiskey Ships-"I'm Not Don Quixote"  From the brand new CD 'Soft Enterprise'.
8) Quiet Company-"The Confessor"  From the CD 'We Are All Where We Belong'.
9) Sleep Good-"King Yirgou"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Monsanto".
10) She Keeps Bees-"Blue Moon"  From the brand new vinyl 7" single for "Counter Charm".
11) The Spinto Band-"Ada Lee"  From the CD 'Shy Pursuit.
12) James-"I Know What I'm Here For"  From the brand new CD/DVD box set 'The Gathering Sound'.
13) Summer Camp-"Round The Moon (Autour De La Lune)"  Free download from the band.
14) Seryn-"Our Love"  From the CD 'This Is Where We Are'.
15) The Orb featuring Lee Sratch Perry-"Golden Clouds (Youth Nous Sommes Tous En Situation Irreguliere Ambient Mix)"  From the digital remix single for "Golden Clouds".
16) Chad Valley - Complete Set Live at the Flat Top Burger Shop - March 2012 Exclusively recorded for broadcast on Music For Listeners.
17) alt-J-"Hand-Made"  Hidden track from the CD 'An Awesome Wave'.
18) Dead Can Dance-"Children of the Sun"  From the brand new CD 'Anastasis'.
19) The Staves-"Gone Tomorrow (Live at Cecil Sharp House)"  From the digital 'Live at Cecil Sharp House EP'.
20) Bad Breaks-"Victoria"  From the brand new CD 'Bad Breaks'.
21) Chris Maddin-"The Option To See"  From the brand new CD 'The Tiago Splitters'.
22) We Leave At Midnight-"Thump the Clouds"  From the CD 'We Leave At Midnight'.
23) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            Marcus Rubio-'Oceanic Tremors'
Tonight was the final show Marcus Rubio played with his band the Gospel Choir of Pillows. In honor of "young" Marcus Rubio making his way to California for graduate studies, we present his epic concept album on this night. A little journey into the sea featuring some of the best musicians in the area. So, take care Marcus on the West coast, and I know you will take your talents on for the rest of the world to hear. San Antonio can't be that selfish to keep you here. Take care Mr. Rubio, and keep sending us tunes " “You can be my one and only whale,” - Michael - MFL
24) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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