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Music For Listeners 12/29/2012
Best of 2012

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) First Aid Kit-"Emmylou"  From the CD 'The Lion's Roar'.
3) Blur-"Under the Westway"  From the digital single for "Under the Westway".
4) Arctic Monkeys-"R U Mine"  From the digital single for "R U Mine".
5) Palma Violets-"Best of Friends"  From the digital single for "Best of Friends".
6) The Gaslight Anthem-"45"  From the CD 'Handwritten'.
7) Alt-J-"Breezeblocks"  From the CD 'An Awesome Wave'.
8) Standard Fare-"Half Sister"  From the CD 'Out of Sight, Out of Town'.
9) The Wedding Present-"You're Dead"  From the CD 'Valentina'.
10) The Whigs-"Tiny Treasures"  From the CD 'Enjoy the Company'.
11) The Cribs-"Chi-Town"  From the CD 'In the Belly of the Brazen Bull.
12) Novella-"He's My Morning"  From the digital 'Novella EP'.
13) Literature-"14 Seconds"  From the CD 'Arab Spring'.
14) Melody's Echo Chamber-"I Follow You"  From the CD 'Melody's Echo Chamber'.
15) Zulu Winter-"Moment's Drift"  From the CD 'Language'.
16) The Shins-"Bait and Switch"  From the CD 'Port of Morrow.
17) The Spinto Band-"Leave Yourself Alone"  From the CD 'Shy Pursuit'.
18) Sun Airway-"Close"  From the CD 'Soft Fall'.
19) All We Are-"Cardhouse"  From the digital 'We Hunt EP'.
20) Swim Deep-"Honey"  From the digital single for "Honey".
21) Society-"All That We've Become"  From the digital single for "All That We've Become".
22) Jake Bugg-"Two Fingers"  From the digital single for "Two Fingers".
23) Ben Howard-"Esmerelda"  From the digital 'Burgh Island EP'.
24) Ben Folds Five-"Hold That Thought"  From the CD 'The Sound of the Life of the Mind'.
25) Jonquil-"It's My Part"  From the CD 'Point of Go'.
26) We Leave At Midnight-"My Tito"  From the CD 'We Leave At Midnight'.
27) Education-"Shake Your Heart"  From the CD 'Education EP'.
28) Toy-"Motoring"  From the digital single for "Motoring".
29) Hospitality-"Eighth Avenue"  From the CD 'Hospitality'.
30) The Staves-"Facing West"  From the CD 'Dead & Born & Grown'.
31) Luke Abbott-"Modern Driveway"  From the digital 'Modern Driveway EP'.
32) Brian Eno-"Lux (Excerpt)"  From the promo CD single for "Lux".
33) Michael Kiwanuka-"Rest"  From the CD 'Home Again'.
34) The Orb Feat. Lee 'Scratch' Perry-"Golden Clouds"  From the CD 'Orbserver in the Star House'.
35) Dead Can Dance-"Opium"  From the CD 'Anastasis'.
36) "The Mid-Morning Recording"        Django Django-'Django Django'
Michael's favorite album of 2012. Almost every song is a single now, and I was looking forward to this album for about three years, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that this ended up being my favorite album of 2012. I played the hell out of it, even listening to it twice today while putting together this show. Being that MFL was the first place in America to play this band when they only had one single, it goes without saying that we have a long and wonderful relationship with this band. They did an episode of "The 180" for us back in 2010, and because they are men of their word, they re-scheduled their date to play for us during SXSW after not making it in 2011. A huge thanks to them for playing the Music For Listeners parties back in March. They could have played so many other places, but they stuck with us, and they said it was their favorite show of the week. It was certainly the best time I had at SXSW this year. Easily, my favorite album of the year. "You are the storm, you are my little storm. I watch the wind change to find out where you've been blown."
Michael - MFL

37) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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