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Music For Listeners 03/23/2013

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'The Sounds of Science: Beastie Boys Anthology'.
2) Magnolia Electric Co.-"It's Made Me Cry"  From the digital single for "It's Made Me Cry".
3) Palma Violets-"Johnny Bagga' Donuts"  From the brand new CD '180'.
4) Tall Ships-"Phosphorescence"  From the CD 'Everything Touching'.
5) Haim-"Better Off"  From the digital 'Forever EP'.
6) Alt-J-"Dissolve Me (Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire – 19/01/13)"  From the brand new digital single for "Dissolve Me".
7) Suede-"Snowblind"  From the brand new CD 'Bloodsports'.
8) Toy-"She's Over My Head"  From the brand new digital single for "My Heart Skips A Beat".
9) Sulk-"Sleeping Beauty"  From the forthcoming CD 'Graceless'.
10) Johnny Marr-"The Messenger"  From the brand new CD 'The Messenger'.
11) The Primatives-"Lose The Reason"  From the brand new digital single for "Lose The Reason".
12) The Strokes-"All the Time"  From the brand new digital single for "All the Time".
13) Wild Smiles-"Sweet Sixteen"  From the brand new double A digital single for "Sweet Sixteen"/"Tangled Hair".
14) Chalk And Numbers-"Pretty Colors"  From the brand new digital 'Parade EP'.
15) Adam Green and Binki Shapiro-"Just To Make Me Feel Good"  From the CD 'Adam Green and Binki Shapiro'.
16) Treetop Flyers-"Things Will Change"  From the forthcoming CD 'The Mountain Moves'.
17) Daughter-"Winter"  From the brand new CD 'If You Leave'.
18) Woman's Hour-"Our Love Has No Rhythm"  From the forthcoming digital single for "To The End"/"Our Love Has No Rhythm".
19) Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs-"Feathers And Tar"  From the forthcoming vinyl 7" single for "I Watch You".
20) Billy Bragg-"Handyman Blues"  From the brand new CD compilation 'Cooking Vinyl SXSW Sampler 2013'.
21) Hookworms-"Form And Function"  From the brand new CD 'Pearl Mystic'.
22) Lisa LeBlanc-"Cerveau ramolli"  From the CD 'Lisa LeBlanc'.
23) Low-"Holy Ghost"  From the brand new CD 'The Invisible Way'.
24) Ms Mr-"Fantasy"  From the brand new digital single for "Fantasy".
25) PAWS-"Bainz"  From the brand new digital 'Misled Youth EP'.
26) Steve Mason-"A Lot of Love"  From the brand new CD 'Monkey Minds In the Devil's Time'.
27) Charles Bradley-"Dusty Blue"  From the brand new CD 'Victim of Love'.
28) The Oscar Peterson Trio-"Night Train"  From the CD 'Night Train'.
29) The Orb-"Secrets (I Love A Woman In Uniform Mix)"  From the remastered and expanded CD edition of 'Orblivion'.
30) "The Mid-Morning Recording"       Chapterhouse-'Whirlpool' (Remastered)
We've been waiting to play this classic shoegaze / Brit-pop album from the early 90's for a while. Orlando finally picked up a copy and voila, remastered in all it's glory. I don't think Chapterhouse ever played in Texas. I'm pretty sure I missed them if they did. Maybe I did see them, but I have forgotten. (I feel old on this one.) lol. "On my mind liquid pearl. Coolest blue, fire world. But i can't seem to change her mind"
Michael - MFL

31) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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