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Music For Listeners 01/30/2021
First Broadcast 04/14/2018
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.104 - Sarah Henry - Rebroadcast

1) Razorlight-"Wire To Wire"  From the album 'Slipway Fires'.
2) Buttercup-"Acting Thru Music"  From the album 'Battle of Flowers'.
3) Diesel Park West-"Don't Be Scared Of The Night"  From the album 'Shakespeare Alabama'.
4) Sleepy Zuhoski-"Daydream"  From the forthcoming album 'Better Haze'.
5) Sleepy Zuhoski-"Sour"  From the forthcoming album 'Better Haze'.
6) Xuan-"Ain't Hurting Little Me"  From the forthcoming album 'Have Some Fun'.
7) Sammy Strittmatter-"Casting Yellow"  From the forthcoming album 'Get Out of the City'.
8) Salim Nourallah/Chris Holt/Paul Averitt-"Kiss Me On The Bus"  From the album 'Break in the Battle'.
9) Broken Baby-"Pass the Acetone"  From the forthcoming album 'Broken Baby'.
10) Broken Baby-"Its My Show"  From the forthcoming album 'Broken Baby'.
11) Billy Harvey-"Piggyback Ride"  From the album 'Pie'.
12) Catholic Action-"New Year (Christmas Miracle Mix)"  From the digtial single for "No Angels".
13) Salim Nourallah/Chris Holt/Paul Averitt-"Is It Like Today?"  From the album 'Break in the Battle'.
14) The Church-"Chrome Injury"  From the album 'Of Skins and Heart'.
15) The Chameleons-"Time, The End Of Time"  From the album 'Strange Times'.
16) The House of Love-"Shine On"  From the album 'The House of Love'.
17) The Clash-"Overpowered by Funk"  From the album 'Combat Rock'.
18) Ryan Adams and the Cardinals-"Sweet Illusions"  From the album 'Cold Roses'.
19) Salim Nourallah-"A Betrayal"  From the forthcoming album 'Somewhere South of Sane'.
20) Comsat Angels-"High Tide (BBC Session)"  From the compilation album 'Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones – The BBC Sessions 1979–1984'.
21) Robyn Hitchcock-"I Wish I Liked You"  From the album 'A Star for Bram'.
22) The Travoltas-"I Can't Say No"  From the forthcoming album 'The Travoltas'.
23) NHD-"Complicatedness"  From the album 'And the Devil Went Up To Portland'.
24) Salim Nourallah-"I Just Can't Believe"  Unrealeased track from the artist
25) Xuan-"I Wanna Know You"  From the forthcoming album 'Have Some Fun'.
26) Robyn Hitchcock-"Mexican God"  From the album 'Jewels for Sophia'.
27) Revival-"Anniversary"  From the album 'Horses of War'.
28) Salim Nourallah-"Joykillers"  From the album 'Somewhere South of Sane'.
29) Utah Phillips on "Rock Salt & Nails" - Spoken Word
30) Buddy and Julie Miller-"Rock Salt and Nails"  From the album 'Buddy & Julie Miller'.
31) Monco Poncho-"Borrowed Time"  From the album 'Miserable Man'.
32) Justin Currie-"Something In That Mess"  From the album 'What Is Love For'.
33) Comsat Angels-"The Cutting Edge"  From the album 'Chasing Shadows'.
34) Comsat Angels-"Under the Influence"  From the album 'Chasing Shadows'.
35) Rodriguez-"This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst"  From the album 'Cold Fact'.
36) Rodriguez-"Hate Street Dialogue"  From the album 'Cold Fact'.
37) Crowded House-"It's Only Natural"  From the album 'Woodface'.
38) John Butler-"Maybe Tomorrow"  From the album 'The Loyal Serpent'.
39) John Butler-"Yes I Do"  From the album 'The Loyal Serpent'.
40) Salim Nourallah-"The Skepticians"  Unrealeased track from the artist
41) Justin Currie-"Out Of My Control"  From the album 'What Is Love For'.
42) The Church-"Russian Autumn Heart"  From the album 'Gold Afternoon Fix'.
43) Prefab Sprout-"When Love Breaks Down"  From the album 'Steve McQueen'.
44) Aimee Mann-"That's Just What You Are"  From the album 'I'm with Stupid'.
45) Sleepy Zuhoski-"Voices"  From the forthcoming album 'Better Haze'.
46) Jenny Lewis-"You Can't Outrun 'Em"  From the album 'The Voyager'.

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