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Music For Listeners 12/03/2022
Christine McVie Tribute
Hosted by Michael and Ross

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Fleetwood Mac-"Songbird"  From the album 'Rumours'.
3) Fleetwood Mac-"Think About Me"  From the album 'Tusk'.
4) Fleetwood Mac-"Love In Store"  From the album 'Mirage'.
5) Fleetwood Mac-"Isn't It Midnight"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
6) Fleetwood Mac-"Brown Eyes"  From the album 'Tusk'.
7) Fleetwood Mac-"Sugar Daddy"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
8) Fleetwood Mac-"Temporary One (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
9) Fleetwood Mac-"You Make Loving Fun (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
10) Fleetwood Mac-"Say You Love Me (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
11) Fleetwood Mac-"Don't Stop (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
12) Fleetwood Mac-"Just Crazy Love"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
13) Fleetwood Mac-"Believe Me"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
14) Fleetwood Mac-"Way I Feel"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
15) Fleetwood Mac-"Keep on Going"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
16) Fleetwood Mac-"Why"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
17) Fleetwood Mac-"Heroes Are Hard to Find"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
18) Fleetwood Mac-"Bad Loser"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
19) Fleetwood Mac-"Prove Your Love"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
20) Fleetwood Mac-"Come a Little Bit Closer"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
21) Christine Perfect-"Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)"  From the album 'Christine Perfect'.
22) Christine Perfect-"And That's Saying a Lot"  From the album 'Christine Perfect'.
23) Fleetwood Mac-"Station Man"  From the album 'Kiln House'.
24) Fleetwood Mac-"Morning Rain"  From the album 'Future Games'.
25) Fleetwood Mac-"Show Me a Smile"  From the album 'Future Games'.
26) Fleetwood Mac-"Homeward Bound"  From the album 'Bare Trees'.
27) Fleetwood Mac-"Spare Me a Little of Your Love"  From the album 'Bare Trees'.
28) Fleetwood Mac-"Remember Me"  From the album 'Penguin'.
29) Fleetwood Mac-"Dissatisfied"  From the album 'Penguin'.
30) Fleetwood Mac-"Did You Ever Love Me"  From the album 'Penguin'.
31) Fleetwood Mac-"Hold Me"  From the album 'Mirage'.
32) Fleetwood Mac-"Warm Ways"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
33) Fleetwood Mac-"Oh Daddy"  From the album 'Rumours'.
34) Fleetwood Mac-"World Turning"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
35) Fleetwood Mac-"Over & Over"  From the album 'Tusk'.
36) Fleetwood Mac-"Over My Head"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
37) Fleetwood Mac-"Little Lies"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
38) Fleetwood Mac-"As Long As You Follow"  From the album 'Greatest Hits'.
39) Fleetwood Mac-"Mystified"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
40) Fleetwood Mac-"Save Me"  From the album 'Behind the Mask'.
41) Fleetwood Mac-"Everywhere"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
42) Christine McVie-"Love Will Show Us How"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
43) Christine McVie-"The Smile I Live For"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
44) Christine McVie-"Friend"  From the album 'In the Meantime'.
45) Christine McVie-"Got a Hold on Me"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
46) Fleetwood Mac-"Never Forget"  From the album 'Tusk'.
47) Fleetwood Mac-"Never Make Me Cry"  From the album 'Tusk'.
48) Fleetwood Mac-"Honey Hi"  From the album 'Tusk'.
49) Fleetwood Mac-"Wish You Were Here"  From the album 'Mirage'.
50) "The Mid-Morning Recording"   Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie-'Buckingham McVie'
Ross suggested we play her final studio album, which is pretty much a Fleetwood Mac album without Stevie Nicks. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood appear on most of the album with their band mates. A strong album with always interesting instrumentation with Lindsay involved in the production. The album features the last five Christine compostions released to date. It's still a bit of a shock that we will never again get to witness her perform live. Rest in Peace Ms. Perfect - Christine McVie (1943-2022) - "Have fun while you can, or there will be none" - Michael - MFL
51) Mick Fleetwood & Friends (feat. Christine McVie)-"Stop Messin' Around"  From the album 'Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green And The Early Years Of Fleetwood Mac'.

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