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Best of 2016
A MFL tradition.
The last broadcast of the year features some of our favorite
tunes released in 2016, followed by Michael's favorite album
of the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!! 'Happy 2017 everyone!!!'
First broadcast - December 31, 2016
Can You Say Christmas XIII?
Michael and Orly return for the thirteenth year
in a row with a broadcast of new and classic songs featuring
holiday cheer! Followed by Orly's favorite album of
the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!!
'Let's make this Christmas mean something, this year.
First broadcast - December 24, 2016
Music For Listeners Can You Say Christmas Thirteen  
Nathan Cone - The 180
The eighty-eighth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Nathan Cone of Texas Public Radio and San Antonio's, Cinema Tuesdays series.
Before his time as Director of Cultural and Community Engagement at TPR, Nathan
was a student manager at KRTU. He cut his radio chops on the
airwaves of KRTU, and this will be his first program on
91.7 since his days at Trinity.
First broadcast - December 17, 2016
Rebroadcast - December 17, 2022
Nathan Cone - 180.88 - Stream Listen
I'm Your Radio Show - Leonard Cohen on MFL
On November 7th, the great poet, singer and songwriter, Leonard Cohen
passed away. To honor the great musician, MFL decided to invite long time
friend and long time fan of Cohen, Ross Ruediger, in for a special
three and half hour broadcast featuring at least one song from each of his studio albums.
First broadcast - December 3, 2016
Leonard Cohen - Official Website  
Tommy Newman - The 180
The eighty-seventh installment of "The 180" is hosted by Tommy
Newman of Southtown Vinyl. Tommy owns one of the newest record stores
in San Antonio helping to keep the record album alive and well! Even
though he has worked with editing audio in his past, this is his first time on the radio!
First broadcast - November 26, 2016
the 180  
Jamie Sumaya AKA Apollo DJ - The 180
The eighty-sixth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
long time friend of MFL, Jamie Sumaya
AKA Apollo DJ. As San Antonio's Apollo
DJ he has performed at various parties and
weddings. You may also know him as one of the annual
music selectors for the MFL Daytime Parties
every March. He plays a lot of his favorite tracks
from some of his favorite artists. Enjoy!
First broadcast - October 29, 2016
the 180  
Shura - Interview
An interview Orly conducted with Shura when she was the
support act for Tegan and Sara at Stubb's in Austin.
They talk about her music, her family,
her soccer career, and video games.
First broadcast - October 1, 2016
Shura - Official Website  
Gary Davenport - The 180
The eighty-fifth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
long time San Antonio based musician Gary Davenport.
As the leader of the San Antonio band Mannequin, who
started in the mid-70's, he has influenced a lot of other musicians
and singers in the San Antonio area and beyond. You may
also know him from his days at The Record Hole record store, and
the great used record store Apple Records! He said it was hard
for him to cut down so much music in his collection
to just 180 minutes.
First broadcast - September 24, 2016
the 180  
The Five-Hour Kraftwerk
In honor of their first show ever in our home city of San Antonio, and in
honor of Music For Listeners seeing them perform in
concert once again, MFL rebroadcasts a marathon five hour
program dedicated to the German techno pioneers.
First broadcast - September 26, 2015
Second brodcast - September 10, 2016
MFL - Kraftwerk  
Pamela Martinez - The 180
The eighty-fourth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist Pamela Martinez.
We became aware of Ms. Martinez's work when she
became part of the synth/pop project Chad Valley. It
turns out that even though she currently lives in New York City,
and that Chad Valley is from Oxford, she herself is actually
from San Antonio, Texas, and frequently visits her family
here. So she is really a San Antonio based musician, currently
in many different projects including her own project Teletextile.
First broadcast - August 27, 2016
the 180  
Douglas Miles Clarke - The 180
The eighty-third installment of "The 180" is hosted by
songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Douglas Miles Clarke. He
grew up in Canada, but now calls Texas his home. Since re-locating to San Antonio,
Douglas has quickly become known as one of the hardest working, most
prolific songwriters around. After putting out two LP's last year,
Douglas is again releasing two more LP's in 2016; practicing his
songwriting craft in and out of the studio. Both of the 2016 albums are produced
by two amazing Dallas musicians/producers in John Dufilho of The Deathray Davies
for the first release, and a forthcoming release produced by Salim Nourallah.
We're excited to hear some tunes picked out by Mr. Clarke.
First broadcast - July 30, 2016
Rebroadcast - August 26, 2023
Douglas Miles Clarke - 180.83 - Stream Listen
The 180 with The Spinto Band

Encore broadcast of the first episode of "The 180".
First broadcast - August 22, 2009
Encore broadcast - July 23, 2016
The Spinto Band on Wikipedia  
September Girls - The 180
The eighty-second installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Dublin quintet September Girls. Back in March 2016 when they
played for us at the MFL El Sapo Parities, I suggested
to the band that they should take over a guest spot soon.
It seems they took the time out of their busy 2016 summer tour,
backing their album "Age of Indignation", to
take part in the June 2016 episode of "The 180"!

First broadcast - June 25, 2016
Rebroadcast - Jnue 25, 2022
September Girls - Official Website Listen
Oscar - Interview
An interview Orly conducted in March at El Chile Cafe in Austin
immediately before Oscar performed across the street at
El Sapo for our daytime parties.

First broadcast - June 4, 2016
Oscar - Official Website  
Dominic Glynn - The 180
The eighty-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
English electronic composer Dominic Glynn. Popularly
known by classic Doctor Who fans as the composer who arranged
the famous Doctor Who theme for the 23rd season of the
program. Not only has his incidental music been used in
various Doctor Who episodes featuring the sixth and
seventh Doctors, but also episodes of The Simpsons, Red Dwarf,
and many many others.
He plays some of his favorite
electronic music, some favorites on the jazzy
side, and some favorites on the ambient side.
First broadcast - May 28, 2016
Rebroadcast - September 24, 2022
Dominic Glynn - 180.132 - Stream Listen
Avery Moore - The 180
The eightieth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
San Antonio / Austin based comedian, writer, and actor
Avery Moore. Her charm and wit has been apart of the
San Antonio scene for a while, but for the past few
years, she has been making a strong mark in Austin,
wowing audiences and fellow comedians. Her show
should be delightful, and insightful.
First broadcast - April 30, 2016

Note: This show was recorded mere
minutes before we found out that
the Levitation Festival was cancelled.
the 180  
Record Store Day - 2016
Record Store Day 2016 is on Saturday April 16!
To celebrate, MFL brings to you some of our favorite
offerings being released or re-released on the annual day for vinyl lovers!
First broadcast - April 16, 2016
Record Store Day 2016  
Bart Koch - The 180
The seventy-ninth installmet of "The 180" is
a special rebroadcast of a show hosted
by our late friend Bart Koch. Unofficially, it was the first
episode of "The 180" when in 2008 Michael asked Bart
to host a show while Michael was on vacation.
Bart became the first guest host of MFL
almost a year before "The 180" started.
First Broadcast - August 16, 2008
Encore Broadcast - March 26, 2016
the 180  
The Shivas - The 180
The seventy-eighth installment of "The 180" is hosted
by Portland, Oregon band The Shivas. Fresh off their tour
with the Dandy Warhols, the Portland band are about to
release their fifth album in early March. A show
full of soul, funk, and fuzzy goodness.
First broadcast - February 27, 2016
the 180  
Steven Alejandro - The 180
The seventy-seventh installment of "The 180" is hosted by
music lover and friend Steven Alejandro. You might know him as the manager
of Hogwild Records in San Antonio. As a fan of so many different styles
of music, it was a no brainer to get him to host his own three hour broadcast!
First broadcast - January 30, 2016
the 180  
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