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Christine McVie Tribute
A four and a half hour show co-hosted by Michael and friend
of the show, writer and filmmaker Ross Ruediger.
Dedicated to the musical offerings of Christine McVie, who
sadly passed away this week at age 79. We offer a good amount
of her work with Fleetwood Mac, some solo tracks, and a
Mid-Morning Recording from her discography.
Rest In Peace Ms. Perfect (1943-2022)
First broadcast - December 3, 2022
Christine McVie Tribute on Music For Listeners Listen
Young Knives - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The twenty-fifth installment of "The 180". Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of MFL.

180.25 features Ashby, UK band Young Knives. They
bring their awesome wit and some great tunes for your listening pleasure.
First broadcast - September 24, 2011
Rebroadcast - November 26, 2022
Young Knives - 180.25 - Stream Listen
Suede and the Manics in Texas!
A four hour show hosted by Orly, dedicated to two
of his all-time favorite acts. In honor of their first ever
performances in Austin, Texas on November 13, 2022.
B-Sides, rarities, BBC Sessions, remixes, and singles galore!
First broadcast - November 12, 2022
Suede and the Manics on Music For Listeners Listen
Halloween IV with Randy Haecker - The 180
The one-hundredth and thirty-third installment of "The 180" is hosted by
media director and music journalist Randy Haecker! After hosting the
Halloween show for the past three years, Randy returns for a fourth show of spooky
tunes for all the ghosts and goblins listening in. Enjoy the musical potion!
First broadcast - October 29, 2022
Randy Haecker - The 180 - Halloween IV Listen
Dominic Glynn - The 180
The eighty-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
English electronic composer Dominic Glynn. Popularly
known by classic Doctor Who fans as the composer who arranged
the famous Doctor Who theme for the 23rd season of the
program. Not only has his incidental music been used in
various Doctor Who episodes featuring the sixth and
seventh Doctors, but also episodes of The Simpsons, Red Dwarf,
and many many others.
He plays some of his favorite
electronic music, some favorites on the jazzy
side, and some favorites on the ambient side.
First broadcast - May 28, 2016
Rebroadcast - September 24, 2022
Dominic Glynn - 180.132 - Stream Listen
A Trip to the North 2022
Michael and his father Michael J took a trip to the north to visit family and
the Minnesota State Fair!!! This show is a playlist of
songs curated by father and son on their journey to the North!
First broadcast - September 10, 2022
Minnesota State Fair entry on Wikipedia Listen
Embrace - 2022 Interview
As the band Embrace release their newest album,
Orlando and Michael talk with Danny McNamara from the band about it.
Recorded in July 2022, and broadcast the day after the release of their seventh album.
First broadcast - August 27, 2022
Embrace - Official Website  
Ryan Menefee - The 180
The one-hundredth and thirtieth-second installment of "The 180" is hosted by
KRTU volunteer host Ryan Menefee! Ryan hosts 'Moonlight Meditiation'
on Sunday nights here on KRTU, which is mostly Ambient
and slower tempo electro. This broadcast of "The 180" lets Ryan break
out a little with some favorites from other genres, as well as some atmospheric favorites.
First broadcast - August 20, 2022
Ryan Menefee - KRTU host Listen
Ramesh - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The ninety-fifth installment of "The 180" is hosted by Austin
based singer songwriter Ramesh. Since the Votrot is getting back
together, here is Ramesh's epispde which runs the gambit of eclecticism.
First broadcast - July 29, 2017
Rebroadcast - July 23, 2022
Ramesh - Official Bandcamp Page Listen
September Girls - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The eighty-second installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Dublin quintet September Girls. Back in March 2016 when they
played for us at the MFL El Sapo Parities, I suggested
to the band that they should take over a guest spot soon.
It seems they took the time out of their busy 2016 summer tour,
backing their album "Age of Indignation", to
take part in the June 2016 episode of "The 180"!

First broadcast - June 25, 2016
Rebroadcast - Jnue 25, 2022
September Girls - Official Website Listen
Jason Chronis of Tele Novella - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The eighty-ninth installment of "The 180" is hosted by Jason Chronis
of the band Tele Novella. MFL has known Jason for over
fifteen years since the early days of the Austin band Voxtrot.
These days his incredible bass playing talents are utilized in
many projects including Gary Davenport's revived
Mannequin project, and of course the amazing Tele
Novella. Voxtrot is also gearing up to play some
reunion shows in 2022! We know he likes
to collect rare records,
so it should be a
pretty eclectic 180 minutes of music!
First broadcast - January 28, 2017
Encore broadcast - May 28, 2022
Tele Novella - Official Bandcamp Page Listen
Salim Nourallah - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The thirty-third installment of "The 180" featured
Dallas' own Salim Nourallah.
The talented singer, songwriter, producer
brings his own three hours of programming
to the San Antonio airwaves!
First broadcast - May 26, 2012
Rebroadcast - April 30, 2022
Salim Nourallah - 180.33 - Rebroadcast - Stream Listen
Record Store Day - 2022
The first round of releases for Record Store Day 2022 is on Saturday April 23
and the second batch is of drops is due June 18th!
To celebrate, MFL brings to you some of our favorite
offerings being released or re-released on the annual day for vinyl lovers!
First broadcast - April 23, 2022
Record Store Day 2022  
Andy Falconer - The 180
The one-hundredth and thirtieth-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
musician, producer, and photographer Andy Falconer! He's worked with
The Orb, System 7, and others, as well as producing his own music over the years.
He is also a wonderful photographer of nature and architecture, as well
as being a really splendid fellow. This is his third episode
of "The 180" for our broadcast. The first being Episode 72 in August of
2015. and the second being a part of our 20th anniversary programs in July of 2019.
This episode features a great mix of rare AFP mixes, and some unreleased material
First broadcast - March 26, 2022
Andy Falconer - 180.131 - Stream Listen
SXSW 2022 Favorites
Some of our favorite artists officially playing
this year's SXSW Music Conference.
First broadcast - March 12, 2022
SXSW - Official Website  
Three Hours of XTC
Because war returned to Europe this week, I was not in the mood
to make a new broadcast. So, I decided to rebroadcast
the program I made after the 9/11/2001 attacks. I revamped the show,
editing most of my annoucements out of the original show. Peace in Ukraine.
...Peace in Ukraine...  
Warm Brains - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The thirty-fifth installment of "The 180" features Rory Attwell.
Not only is he the creative force behind the band Warm Brains,
but he is making his mark as a sought after producer and engineer.
He brings us a varied and dynamic broadcast including some
interviews with friends, Let's Wrestle, The Proper Ornaments, and others.
First broadcast - July 28, 2012
Rebroadcast - February 19, 2022
Warm Brains - The 180 Rebroadcast Listen
Skillcrane - The 180
The one-hundredth and thirtieth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
San Antonio artist, Skillcrane. The project name of Josh Herrin who produces sticker art, graphic art,
and custom figurines under the name Skillcrane, (and other monikers.) He brings a choice selection of lesser
played hip-hop, downtempo, soul, and funk tunes, along with a handful of favorites.
First broadcast - January 15, 2022
The 180 - Skillcrane Listen
MFL Favorites 2021
A MFL tradition.
The last broadcast of the year features some of our favorite
tunes released in 2021, followed by Orly's favorite album
of the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!! Happy 2022 everyone!!!
First broadcast - January 1, 2022
MFL Favorites - 2021  
Can You Say Christmas XVIII?
Michael and Orly return for the Eighteenth year
in a row with a broadcast of new and classic songs featuring
holiday cheer! Followed by Michael's favorite album of
the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!!
Let's make this Christmas mean something, this year.
First broadcast - December 25, 2021
Music For Listeners Can You Say Christmas Eighteen  
Albert Salinas - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The one-hundredth and fourteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Albert Salinas, the current KRTU Operations Manager.
He is host of the Thursday night KRTU program "Live and Local", and being that
he is a fan of so many different kinds of music, we thought him doing a
broadcast of "The 180" would be something that he would love to do.
His show is super eclectic and varied. Just like we like it.
First broadcast - February 23, 2019
Rebroadcast - December 11, 2021
Third Rebroadcast - December 18, 2021
KRTU - Official Website Listen
Poster Children - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The nineteeth installment of "The 180" Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of MFL.
180.19 features independent music pioneers Poster Children!

First broadcast - March 26, 2011
Rebroadcast - November 20, 2021
Poster Children Official Website Listen
Everything but the Girl - Retrospective
A long time friend of MFL, Ross Ruediger makes a requested
guest appearance with Michael to celebrate the new solo album by Tracey Thorn.
They play three hours of music featuring Tracey and her life companion
Ben Watt, who were collectively known as the project Everything but the Girl.
A broadcast Ross has been wanting to showcase for a few years now.
First Broadcast - March 10, 2018
Rebroadcast - November 13, 2021
Everything but the Girl  
Halloween III with Randy Haecker - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The one-hundredth and twenty-ninth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
media director and music journalist Randy Haecker! After hosting the
Halloween show for the past two years, Randy returns for a third show of spooky
tunes for all the ghosts and goblins listening in. Enjoy the musical potion!
First broadcast - October 30, 2021
Randy Haecker - The 180 - Halloween III Listen
Monkee Mania!!!
To celebrate Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz return to San Antonio,
and their final tour together, MFL host Michael Thomas shares his
favorite tracks from The Monkees! Over three and a half hours
of tunes from the band that mixed The Marx Brothers with The Beatles.
It wouldn't have been the 60's without them. It wouldn't have
been 2016 without them either, or 2021, 2012....
First broadcast - September 25, 2021
Music For Listeners - Monkee Mania!  
My Two Toms - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The thirtieth installment of "The 180"
180.30 features the Bristol UK duo My Two Toms.
A lovely folk duo that writes some great downhome ditties.
We are certain that it will be a downhome experience for all the listeners.
First broadcast - February 25, 2012
Rebroadcast - September 18, 2021
My Two Toms - The 180 Listen
Albert Birney - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The twenty-seventh installment of "The 180"
180.27 features filmmaker and animator Albert Birney
The music video and film director, and former member of The Spinto Band
picks out three hours of programming for your listening pleasure
First broadcast - November 26, 2011
Rebroadcast - August 28, 2021
Albert Birney - The 180 Listen
Cardboard Sleeves
A show of music picked out by Orly and
Michael from only the cardboard sleeve section of their CD
collections. It ended up being a four hour show, with a MMR from a cardboard sleeve.
First broadcast - August 14, 2021
Cardboard Sleeves Program  
Graham Reynolds - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The forty-eighth installment of "The 180" features composer
and pianist Graham Reynolds. Based out of Austin, Texas, you
may have seen Graham play with his group The Golden Arm Trio, or
you may have seen his name on a few television
and film credits including amazing compostions for
the Richard Linklater films "Bernie" and "Before Midnight".
First broadcast - August 31, 2013
Rebroadcast - July 31, 2021
Graham Reynolds - Official Page Listen
The Wave Pictures - The 180 - Rebroadcast
The thirty-fourth installment of "The 180"
features the amazing Moshi Moshi Records act
The Wave Pictures. David Tattersall, the lead vocalist
of the band, has picked out three hours of
eclectic music for us listeners, and even
programmed an interview with Darren Hayman
for the broadcast.
First broadcast - June 30, 2012
Rebroadcast - June 26, 2021
The Wave Pictures - Official Page Listen
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